Top 50+ Digital Marketing Resources Every Beginner Needs

Successful businesses are increasingly marketing their products and services online. This creates more quality job opportunities by hiring digital marketing experts to do these tasks for them.

As companies always need skilled marketers to help them break through online conversations and promote their merchandise - and their need makes digital marketing a powerful, rewarding, and profitable profession.

And if you prefer to work freely, you can master digital marketing skills, and open up profitable areas for yourself by professionalizing affiliate marketing, dropshippingsearch engine optimization, and other skills that have become good financial returns.

Free Digital Marketing Resources

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has one purpose: promoting a company's brand and bringing in business online. However, this is a simplification; information professionals draw their influence from many other areas, including public relations, communications, design, data analytics, and programming (among others).

The digital marketer oversees the brand's entire online presence. A digital marketing professional can help small and large businesses compete in their markets.

There is no doubt about it. Consumers seek goods and services online, and the sellers are interested in reaching them. It requires a bit of creativity and communication on both ends.

Great Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

If you understand the marketing industry well, you can become an incredibly successful marketer. If you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, they will also be able to handle the marketing aspects of your business.

Nearly all businesses are transferring to digital as smartphone penetration rates fast approach 100%. Consumers and money are on the digital medium.

Investing in online marketing has become essential for businesses. Maintaining profitability is the main factor for remaining successful, gaining and retaining customers, building brand awareness, and increasing profitability.

Best Practices in Digital Marketing are Constantly Evolving

Study the latest trends and read what the experts are doing in order to ensure that your lead generation strategies are up-to-date. In order to provide guidance and cutting-edge strategies so you can grow your business, we created this collection of online resources for marketing professionals. 

To make things easier for you, we separated these free digital marketing resources and tips, which include: podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs, from best digital marketing resources.

What should we do first?

There are many destinations to choose from when it comes to a digital marketing career. The marketing field requires skills like data analysis, copywriting, video production, SEO, and even video editing. Digital marketing may seem overwhelming at first because of the wide range of jobs available.

Fortunately, you can use a multitude of free digital marketing resources to springboard your career. This page will highlight a lot of free resources that we will update continuously, to allow you to master digital marketing.

I suggest you start with Craig Campbell's free online SEO training course, there are 153 modules in this search engine optimization course, and most of them are over-the-shoulder videos showing you how to use various tools and do various things, as I believe that people learn better by observing rather than reading long sections of text, so this course was created to be as visual as possible to help you learn each module.

You can find Advanced SEO Training Course here. You can order three SEO courses at a 90% discount, you can choose from Advanced SEO Course, Affiliate Marketing, or Black Hat SEO course.

Don’t miss Ahrefs’ Blogging for Business Course, In this short video course, you will learn how to get more blog traffic based on a very detailed cut-to-the-chase approach. Additionally, it will serve as a solid channel for acquiring customers for your company.

It provides actionable content marketing and SEO strategies to determine what tactics and strategies work with different blogs. And it contains a great deal of useful information. There is only one problem: If you're familiar with digital marketing, blogging, and SEO, you already know many of these "secrets". Otherwise, if you're not totally new to this field.

If you search for WordPress SEO training, the YOAST SEO Training course will learn how to make search engines believe that you are worthy of the number 1 position by taking this SEO course. Then you'll write content that will convince your visitors to buy or become returning visitors by targeting keywords that drive traffic.

The foundation of a technical SEO campaign will help you avoid costly basic SEO mistakes, and the structure of your site will guide users and search engines to your most important pages.

You will also learn how to get more links coming to your site, demonstrating to the search engines that you are a reliable authority. Security and speed have been improved on your site, as you will be able to see.

Free Digital Marketing Resources

  1. Free SEO Training Course by Craig Campbell
  2. Ahrefs’ Blogging for Business Course
  3. All-around SEO Training: YOAST
  4. Beginner’s SEO Tutorial by Daragh Walsh
  5. beginners guide to content marketing
  6. Building Your Strategy With Sprout Social
  7. Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter Course
  8. Content marketing: Siege Media
  9. CopyBlogger’s Internet Marketing for Smart People
  10. Digital Branding and Engagement Course: edX
  11. Facebook Blueprint
  12. Free Digital Marketing Course by Sorav Jain
  13. Free Email Marketing Tools From Sprout Social
  14. Free online digital marketing courses and exams: SEMrush Academy
  15. Google Digital Garage
  16. Google Primer
  17. Google Search’s SEO starter guide
  18. Hubspot Courses and Certifications
  19. HubSpot’s Blog – Content
  20. Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing
  21. Hubspot’s Ultimate Guide to PPC
  22. Improve Your PPC Strategy With Hubspot
  23. Instagram Marketing from Later
  24. Jeffalytics – Analytics & Reporting
  25. Lab Plus courses and books: Digital marketer
  26. Learn Digital Marketing from Digital Deepak
  27. LRT Associate training: Link Research Tools
  28. Meet Mari’s Blog – SMM
  29. MOZ Academy
  30. Moz Blog – SEO
  31. Neil Patel’s 9 Tools for Better PPC Performance
  32. Neil Patel’s Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing
  33. Online Business ToolKit: SPI Media
  34. Optin Monster’s Blog – Email Marketing
  35. Powerful Email Marketing Tips From Search Engine Journal
  36. PPCexpo’s Blog – SEM
  37. Search Engine Journal
  38. Search Engine Land – SEO
  39. Search Engine Roundtable
  40. SEO and digital marketing course: Lily Ray
  41. SEO challenge: Fuel Your Photos
  42. Social Media Examiner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing
  43. The Ultimate Social Media Guide From Hubspot
  44. Tips for Every Platform From Sprout Social
  45. Traffic Research bunker edition
  46. WordStream’s PPC University
  47. Australia Variety digital marketing secrets
  48. Australia Variety affordable SEO
  49. Introductory Digital Marketing Guide
  50. SEO Guide for Lawyers
  51. mailmodo Educational Material about Email Marketing
  52. Digital Marketing For Financial Advisors