Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Websites for Beginners

According to Wikipedia, Affiliate is a term used to describe the lesser party who owns less in a majority stake in other people's stock.

Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Websites

But that's too deep,

In marketing, an affiliate is an adopted partner who doesn't own a share in a company but is actively working towards advertising the product and services of the company. 

He earns his share by actively directing others towards the services rendered by the company he represents. 

When sales are made through his referenced channel, he earns a commission of 5% or 10%, respectively.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This marketing system predated the internet and ran for a long time before everything went digital.

"Affiliate Marketing"

This is an advertising term in which companies employ the service of third-party publishers to generate leads and traffic to the company's product and services.

The company, in turn, pays you a particular percentage when the product is bought, or when users click through your link, they are redirected to the company page where they might see other products and purchase any one of their choices. And when the purchase is traced back to your site, you earn your commission, 

There are three levels of this marketing, and these levels are as follows,

Un attached Affiliate Marketing

This is a level of affiliate marketing where the affiliate has no relationship whatsoever with the product they are advertising and doesn't have a skill that is even related to the product whatsoever, 

Funny right? That's why if you have been surfing the internet for a while, you will find that on a blog spot that talks about the economy, you will see advertisements selling health care products like pain reliever,

And am like, what the hell?

Once I was downloading a song on a gospel website, I was redirected to a betting site; you could imagine the frustration.

But it's possible, and sometimes it's cool you can get a certain amount of traffic like that, and who knows, you might generate sales in the most unexpected place you didn't imagine.

Related Affiliate Marketing

in this form of affiliate marketing, the affiliate is in the marketing and advertising products related to his skills, niche, and field of expertise.

"Oh, I love this one."

Here let's assume the publisher blogs about health issues; it will look very professional to find advert links and banners on his pages that healthcare products or books related to health the reader is likely to buy or click through the link because it involves his interest,

I assume everyone browsing about health issues is either facing a challenge or knows someone facing a challenge, and such a person is more likely to give attention to those adverts than someone who is surfing the net news.

Affiliates should advertise products related to their niches, and it gives your page a professional look.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

This kind of marketing involves a deep connection between the affiliate and the product he is promoting,

It means the affiliate has used the product and has confidence in the product, and he believes that others can also be partakers of the benefit he enjoyed. They serve as a trusted source of information related to the product they are promoting,

So they create awareness, provide recommendations, and sometimes create blog posts to generate leads to the product he is promoting.

Payment Rates

Digital Marketing, cookies, and analytics have made affiliate marketing a billion-dollar industry; some companies would pay a lot just to generate awareness, not just sales alone.

The payment rates vary, depending on the revenue models

There are different kinds of payments which are:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Affiliates can charge advertisers each time a user clicks on the website’s link or banners. This is the lowest yet the most fruitful payment pattern in affiliate marketing

Cost Per Action (CPA)

here the affiliate is being paid for every step that a user carries out through your links.

For other marketing forms like video marketing and games,

Some links require the user to take specific actions, so you receive your commission when a user takes those actions.

Cost Per Sale (CPS)

this is the highest form of revenue model in affiliate marketing,

The advertisers pay per sale

You receive your percentage for every time sale is made through your link.

How to do an Affiliate Marketing?

The first thing to consider if you want to go into affiliate marketing is:

Platform: you don't want to sign up for affiliate marketing and not have a platform to carry out your promotions,

You must first ask yourself what platform will you be using to do all of the necessary promotions and how committed are you to those platforms.

Affiliate marketing requires hard work, and you need to choose a platform where you can be consistent; otherwise, you won't see results in the least.

Here are some of the platforms:

  1. Blog: the blog is one of the most effective platforms for affiliate marketing; the blogger expresses himself and the product he promotes.
  2. Social media: this is another powerful tool for Affiliate marketing, where you can post your links and pay for ads, earn your commission.

  • Category: after selecting a platform, it is essential to choose a type of marketing you are comfortable with or interested in; focusing on a type can help you attract dedicated customers 
  • Research: through research, you can develop exciting contents that can keep your visitors coming back to your page daily, you can also employee user generating content and by so doing, you can attract customers. 


We recommend the following websites for affiliate marketing australia for beginners:

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the most robust marketing platforms in the world; they harbour publishers, creators, and all kinds of products and services you can think about
All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate and select the product of your choice, then publish on your blog pages or social media attract buyers and get paid,

Affiliates can earn up to 10% from every completed.

Etsy Affiliate Marketing

Besty affiliate marketing is global online marketing that date deals with vintage goods and other unique products.

And to register as an affiliate, you must be 18 years and above, and you must have a fantastic website and brand identity, and meet other unique criteria.

Their commission varies according to the price of the items sold

eBay Affiliate Marketing

This marketing platform pays partners for sharing their listings outside of eBay Inc. The affiliate earns a commission and may earn credit towards their final merchant fees.

Their payment rate is according to the price of the items sold, and it ranges from 1% to 5%
There are other affiliate marketing platforms that one can sign up for and earn.

However, there have been people on different social media platforms that affiliate marketing is a short and straightforward cut channel for making money,

Well, it's a lie!

Yeah, you read that right; I repeat, it's a lie,

In as much as affiliate marketing can earn you millions in a short time, it is a product of hard work and discipline, no doubt there will be days when it may seem like it's not working but keep pushing until you breakthrough, and once you have broken through and have created an audience, there is no going back.

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