Your 2023 Helpful Guide to YouTube Affiliate Marketing

If you are here, then I have reasons to believe that you know what affiliate marketing is all about and you want to take it up a notch, 

However, we would begin with a quick recap of what YouTube affiliate marketing is all about.

Let's begin with YouTube,

YouTube is one of the worlds biggest social platforms on earth that connects people to different ideas, seeks to entertain and educate people via the use of video clips, 

YouTube has become very resourceful in this digital age, and a reliable source of information, education, marketing, you can find hundreds of educational videos touching every subject matter you can think about.

If you own a YouTube channel, consistent updating and posting resourceful videos can attract viewers, and the more viewers you have can attract your money.

YouTube is a good channel for making good money; however, there are many ways of monetizing your YouTube channel; in this article, we will be discussing one of these monetization means, which is YouTube affiliate marketing.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that involves two different parties, one the merchant and the affiliate; the merchant can be the manufacturer, the actual owner of a particular product, while the affiliate is responsible for promoting a product that is not necessarily his, 

His job is to create awareness of a particular product or to his audience; if a sale is made through his channel, in the end, the affiliate receives his familiar, which could be 10% or 20% depending on the arrangement made by both parties.

The affiliate has an audience and seeks to promote other people's products; by advertising it to his audience, the chances are that some of the audience will patronize the product, then the affiliate earns his commission.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

According to research, over 90% of the adults in the US. Watch YouTube more than once every month, at least once, 

And YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide; it is so far one of the biggest social platforms in existence, 

And these users watch Over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every day, 

"Yes, you read that right." 

One billion hours!

What am I saying? Scattered out, there are over a million potential audiences for you to explore if you can pave your path and build a vast potential audience.

You should know by now that affiliate marketing on this platform is worth paying attention to, this is a gold mine, and if you can mine well, the reward will be worth it.

Is this worth investing in? Let's find out.

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you generate revenue by placing affiliate links of different products and services in strategic places to the videos you create and publish to your viewers so that your audience can find them, follow the links, and make purchases.

Where Do I Place My Affiliate Links?

It is paramount to know where to place your links in the right place so that your audience can find them effortlessly.

These links should be placed in the annotations or beneath the video clips in the description area.

YouTube affiliate marketing is similar to every other affiliate marketing.

When it comes to how to make money, the monetization process is pretty much the same, you place your links, and your audience finds them and follows them to make purchases, and you earn your commission; it's the same routine.

Only that in this scenario, the platform is different.

You can still put up tutorials product reviews to the products you are promoting and place the affiliate link in the description,

Except you do it with videos.

It’s as simple as that.

Affiliate Links in YouTube video description

Cloaked link:

Another way is that you can create a video demonstrating how to install Amazon mobile app, then include an affiliate link that leads to the app in the description; this is an example of a cloaked link, a link that redirects prospects to whatever domain you are referring to.

It is safe YouTube has no law against placing direct links in your video descriptions.

Pinned comments 

There is another place you can add your affiliate link; it is called the pinned comment of a video,

YouTube Video Pinned Comment With Affiliate Links.

In this case, you should be careful not to overdo this.

Links like Amazon affiliate have 25 affiliate links totally, which is Kind of intimidating.

Community tab

Many YouTubers don't know about this location regarding link placement, but if you can engage well with your subscribers, this is a very strategic area to place your link.

Affiliate link disclosure

This is an enticing short note written to inform your viewers that you will receive financial compensation if they purchase after clicking on a particular link.

You should often include an affiliate link disclosure wherever you use an affiliate link.

There is another place you can add your affiliate link, this place is not so familiar, but it is strategic; you can add your affiliate links at the end of the video.

Ah YouTube Vide End Screen

However, promoting links in 'End cards' is very tricky, as it is slightly Impossible to direct link to an affiliate offer from your end cards; you can only link to your website that is officially linked to your YouTube channel.

However, adding up to 5 'End cards' to each video is possible.

The first is placed right at the end of the video, but there is an I symbol that when you click on it, you can view additional cards.

Now whichever method you decide to use, the goal is still the same, to make money referring your traffic to your affiliate programs.

You can redirect traffic to an email sign-up form if you have a sales funnel set up for a specific affiliate program.

Whatever linking method you choose, though, the goal is always the same – make money by redirecting your traffic to affiliate programs.

Just away, be sure that whatever landing page you send them to is tailored explicitly towards conversions.

Are you looking for offers to be get promoted on YouTube? Check outpost with the best affiliate programs for Youtubers that is compiled separately for the YouTube Creators?

Why Use YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

  • First of all, it’s a natural extension of your current affiliate marketing efforts.
  • You can find products that  to your nitch as a YouTuber
  • YouTube makes content creation incredibly easy
  • All you need is a camera, microphone, or any screen recording software.
  • YouTube Studio deals with the real hard work.

YouTube Studio

This platform gives you simple opportunities to repurpose content aside, 

this provides you access to opposites that are rare in the world of affiliate marketing.

Free Traffic

With YouTube, you can build millions of audiences without spending a dime on advertising; no worries about building links.

You are then allowed to monetize your loyal following as often as you want. And YouTube will allow you to freelance as you wish

Make Money With YouTube Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

  • Create videos: you must master the act of creating informational and educational videos that will answer the questions of your targeted viewers, YouTubers are problem solvers; you use your YouTube channel to solve complex issues build an audience of subscribers; that's how you build trust and hopefully potential customers.
  • Share your videos with your friends: you need to find out what problem you wish to address and begin to address it, then find friends who these solutions you provide and share with them, they, in turn, will share with others if they find your videos helpful. Then add your affiliate link related to your nitch,

Types of Videos to Boost your Affiliate Links

Product Review Videos

  • 62% of customers tend to watch product reviews on YouTube before making their decisions whether to buy or not,
  • Product reviews are an excellent way for YouTube affiliates to earn the trust of his audience and influence their decisions into purchasing the item or service he is promoting,
  • These work better if you own the product instead of just talking about them because you will need enough knowledge about the product to convince people to purchase it.
  • The keyword for videos like this have 100% commercial intent; you can make money from them.
  • And a probability of 52% of customers is more likely to purchase a product featured in a YouTube product review video.

This means lots of viewers will likely click on your affiliate links and increase your opportunity to earn yourself some very massive gains in the form of affiliate commissions

 if you're partnered with a high-paying affiliate program. 

How-To Videos

This Kind of is beneficial if you intend to market Gadgets or tools,

It allows you to teach people how to use certain technical, 

This is an excellent example of the type of video that can be informative and recommend products.

In videos like this, it is easy to put links in the descriptions of whatever Gadget you are teaching people on how to operate, such that you can refer them to click the link to make the same purchase Gadget you are demonstrating in the video.

It will be much more convenient for your audience to click the link knowing fully well what he is ordering, and the chances of the buying are 65%

Unboxing Videos 

This style of picturesque unboxing videos on youtube of a product and traveling its features to its audience; is an excellent means of selling new products that are not yet popular.

It is a reasonable means of earning your potential followers' trust and enticing them to try out the product.

The third thing is that you don't have to buy the product to do this video.

A surprising number of companies are willing to give out review copies of a product in return for a “positive” review.

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