How to do Affiliate Marketing Without a Website?

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative form of online marketing; however, for a person who wants to start from scratch and does not have a website, it might seem a little bit like it's impossible, but in this article, we would take you on a journey into possible ways of earning as an affiliate marketer without a website,

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

We all know that building a website can be time-consuming and expensive sometimes if you don't know how to do it yourself.


And this is the reason why many people are seeking possible alternatives, to skip the rigorous step of building a website.


The thing about building a website is that even after building your website, you cannot go straight into affiliate marketing; you need to begin the process of content creation, and you need to do a lot of SEO optimizations for your posts to rank, build an audience before thinking of affiliate marketing.


That is why affiliate marketers are looking for possible ways to skip this rigorous process,


Affiliate marketing is an agreement entered by two individuals, the affiliate and the merchant whose products are being promoted by the affiliate,

Most commonly, he is paid for generating leads or sales by referral using his unique link to draw possible customers


The affiliate must have some audience that listens to him, the platforms notwithstanding, whether the lead came from a website or a social media platform or any means whatsoever the merchant doesn't care; all they pay you for is to generate leads or attract buyers when they make purchases through your link, you earn your commission.


Many people out there think it is not possible to do affiliate marketing without owning a website.


That is not true; the only requirement is to traffic leads or sales via your persona, the merchant; you don't necessarily need a website for that.

There are many ways to generate referrals to your merchant,

What All You Need to Do Become an Affiliate Marketer?

Ok first thing first before we go into affiliate marketing without a website, it is crucial to understand the fundamental prerequisite to become a successful affiliate marketer,


In affiliate marketing, you don't need much to begin; however, there are certain things to pay attention to if you want to succeed as an affiliate.

As an affiliate, your only goal is to channel the right offers to the right prospects at the right time.


There ought to be a high degree of balance between what your merchant is offering and what your audience wants and to decide that, you need a source of traffic and a good product offset.


Your earning is tied to the kind of product you will be able to promote and sell to your target audience; there is a whole crowd of products available in the market that you can easily pick and decide to market,


If you see any successful affiliate marketer, you will see a manifestation of this common thread: they always know how to make the right choices when selecting a befitting product to market to their audience.


One can make the mistake of advertising the wrong product to the wrong people; it's like trying to market condoms in a church setting, even though fitted some people likely use it, they won't answer you because you are in the wrong setting,


But imagine marketing condoms in a nightclub. People will boldly walk up to you and buy; the magic is not in the product; it simply advertises the right product to the right people.


Earn through affiliate programs at your own pace.


Refer Your Audience and Set Up your Passive Income Stream

The next thing every aspiring affiliate marketer needs is a traffic source.

I imagine having a product with no place to sell it; it is never enough to have a product to sell, you need a way to build an audience; this is where all the platforms come in; it can be your website, a blog spot, search engines, social media, or any social-related platform.


On your end, all you need to do is establish a consistent relationship with your audience and create a system of keeping your audience glued to your page, profile, blog, then create a strong match between your audience and the content you are selling them; you will be able to maximize profit.

These two crucial steps are the solid foundation you need to begin as an affiliate marketer; when you have established these grounds, you are ready to start as an affiliate.


Now let's focus on the hard part, which is selling your product to your customers. This step is not as easy as it sounds, and this is why a good number of affiliate marketers create a custom landing page.



When you begin to take a stroll through various affiliate websites, you will notice the innumerable dedicated landing pages, it kind of makes you wonder why affiliate marketers spend so much time to customize their landing page this much, 

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Why do Affiliate Marketers Need a Landing Page?

"Well it's simple," the primary reason is that landing pages are designed to boost conversions.

How does this work?


A landing page is a very simple one-pager that is very easy to design; affiliate marketers use them to boost conversions and make sales; the sweet aspect of this page is that you can use a similar design and copy to create a landing destination for each product.


You need to know that nobody likes opening affiliate links, as it sometimes diverts a person from the primary reason for visiting your page or website, so whatever product you are marketing in those links is not appreciated.


But with a landing page, you can establish a degree of agreement with a potential customer and likely get him to carry on with the process and possibly get him to make a purchase.


Because of the level of internet fraud and the use of links to extort people, people desire a high level of transparency, and that is what a landing page is designed to achieve, "Transparency."


In dealing with your landing page, you are required to become as creative as you like, bearing in mind that people want to have a clear-cut detail about what they are putting their money into.


So to give them clear and concise information, you need to become very creative and think outside the box, crafting a very suitable design and a compelling copy for your landing page.

Then your landing page will go a long way in improving conversions.


But is it necessary to have one?


The answer is no.

Let us go into 6 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website.

6 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

We already know that it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website, but the question remains how?


Let's take a tour. 

1. Posting on Online Communities and Forums

The advent of the internet has made it possible for anyone with like minds to connect with different online communities and forums, making online forums and communities a perfect place to market your products.


So all you need to do is to find an appropriate forum where people might be interested in what you want to sell, for example, if you are marketing ebooks, you need to find a forum where the people there are likely writers or students who would need the kind of book you are marketing.


Reddit, for instance, is a superb first-go option because you will be able to find a suitable subreddit based on your product quite easily.

But in using forums, you need to be careful and always check the forums' rules and find out if they allow promotional links. 


2. Solo Ads

Out of the many ways, one of the best ways to target an audience is through solo ads, especially if you do not have a website. Solo ads allow you to target an audience by using other people's email lists.

This strategy allows you to market your products to others.


Assuming you wanted to focus on the health care nitch, you have to sign up on different online forums, then search for influencers in the health care niche who allow solo ads in their email blast.

If these influencers think that your offer is good, they will include it in their email list. Sometimes they charge you pay per click basis,

However, solo ads are called hit and miss because you won't always direct quality traffic.


3. Create a Viral eBook

This one is simple: create an ebook on any interesting topic, and in bed, your link in the ebook; this way, you will market your product and add value to your audience.


4. YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the channels you can use in affiliate marketing without a website; all you need to do is create your channel build a fan base, do your affiliate marketing.


5. PPC Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, if you need fast results, it is for you.


Earn at your own pace with ease.

Refer Your Online Audience and set up your passive income stream


Both Facebook and Google are platforms to market your affiliategoods; the Shane has one thing in common, They both use a pay-per-click advertising model, allowing you only to pay whenever a user clicks on your link.


6. Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the most excellent tools for marketing; using platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,  will become an added advantage to building your sales.

All you need to do not to worry,

Know more about how to maximize your profit combining affiliate marketing with Google AdSense.

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