Beginners Guidelines and Review to CJ Network for Affiliate Marketing

CJ Affiliate site is one of the best marketing sites, for a high-reaching of 75% on some services promoted. Which makes it the site comes in third place after my Clickbank, and Jvzoo site. The site has a wide range of products that can be promoted, which eventually leads to more profits.

In this article, we will talk about what you need to make money through marketing networks and how to use CJ Affiliate network to enter into partnerships with the world's largest brands.

CJ Network Beginners guidelines

What is CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate has been founded for more than 20 years in Santa Barbara, California, one of the largest and oldest affiliate networks in the world. It specializes in payment programs for performance and is part of the Fortune 500 called Alliance Data Systems. With a stunning track record since 1998, this huge subsidiary has 15 offices worldwide and more than 3000 dealers.

CJ Affiliate or Commission Junction?

In 2014, the name of the parent company of Commission Junction, Valueclick, has been changed to Conversant. He then renamed 'Commission Junction' to CJ Affiliate.

As a result, people refer to the Network by the name: CJ Affiliate (its official name) and Commission Junction (the name for 16 years).

In short, both names are correct.

How does CJ Affiliate network differ from other networks?

The CJ Affiliate has many features that are characterized by other commissioning networks such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareSale, and eBay Partner Network. Here are a few of these features:

1. Excellent real-time reports

The CJ Affiliate network is always known for modern analysis. This means that you will never have to update the page because you can monitor your activity while occurring.

Surely the mobility in the dashboard in the first few times may be fatal. But whenever I spent longer in detection, everything becomes intuitive. You will also realize how important these features are really recognized.

2. Lots of selective

Most advertising network networks collect dozens of products in one ad code - Not CJ Affiliate. As an affiliate publisher, you choose exactly the individual products for those who want to display and where.

3. Certified Program of CJ for Content

Do you create first-class content in your blog? Does your blog have more than 10,000 views of the page monthly? If so, you want to search the CJ Affiliate Certified for Content. 

As an authorized publisher of the content, you're automatically communicating with more than 600 brands - brands that are considered your source for profit.

Thanks to this attractive feature, you can enjoy already approved access to advertisers for distinctive prices while maintaining motion control in your blog content.

What are the registration requirements in the CJ Affiliate network?

Join is free to CJ Affiliate Network. However, you must have at least 18 years old and have a website for registration as a publication.

What if you own multiple Web sites? Does this mean that you must create multiple accounts?

not at all. Just go to Account> Web Sites> Create Property.

Disclaimer: If you have a new web site with a few traffic, see. Publishers who fail to obtain results may be canceled during the first six months.

How can I register at CJ Affiliate?

Go to and register as a publisher. 

register at CJ Affiliate as publisher

Fill in personal information, such as your name, email address, and your favorite language. 

CJ Affiliate publisher signup

Click Next.

CJ Affiliate publisher sign-up - please confirm email

Look for an email to confirm your inbox and click the Green button 'Create My CJ Publisher Account'.

You will then be directed to the publisher registration form. Fill out your details and click 'Accept Terms' to complete the registry.

After you register, you will be directed immediately to CJ Account Manager, an information panel containing important details such as network statistics, performance summary, and messages.

First, click Account> NetWork Profile. . (Note: You need to complete this profile to join the affiliate programs.)

CJ Affiliate NetWork Profile

You will see the next three Parts in NetWork Profile:

Website description: Share the strengths and statistics related to your website.

Promotion methods: define the affiliate channels you use to promote advertisers? Is it a blog publication, email, social media, or any other digital marketing platform?

Documents: Do you have modes? This is optional but increases your chance to check.

Complete these three sections to show valuable advertisers and how they increase their arrival to your audience.

The cj network profile description is your chance for excellence between the Publishers.

After that, click Account> Administrative Settings to modify payment and tax information.

CJ Affiliate account banking and tax information

Edit your payment information and select whether you want to receive your payment by direct deposit or check or Payoneer.

After that, edit your tax information. CJ Affiliate network requires all publishers to send their tax models for payment.

If you are in the United States:

Request W-9 to determine and certify taxpayers

Outside the United States:

W-8BEN Certificate for the foreign position of the beneficiary owner of the deduction of the US tax

Certificate of lack of activities in the United States

Contact your tax joints or visit the ISP site in your country if you have questions.

Tax tip: Remember to provide a new tax certificate if you change your country or type your business to receive a continuous batch.

What are the affiliate programs available at CJ Affiliate?

CJ Affiliate boasts a massive variety of programs. From cars and electronics to gardening and recycling, there is really something for every blogger or business leader. 

When you are in the links> Search, you will notice your own filters on the left, such as:

Promotion type: Coupons, Sale/Discount, and Free Shipping

Language: English, Spanish, and German

Events: New Year, Super Bowl, and Valentine's Day

Category: Accessories, Beauty, and Education

cj affiliate programs available search

Let us explore how this works.

Suppose you manage a healthy blog and want to promote healthy equipment in your blog publication, the best 7 health equipment (discounts up to __%!).

With this goal mode in mind, you can select ...

Category: Health and Wellness

Promotion type: Sale/Discount

... and choose ads that suit your content onwards.

Track most offers on CJ Affiliate Network Style Investment Cost (CPA) - such as pay per sell, pay for each customer, pay for each call. 

From time to time, a few advertisers offer payment patterns for each offer or pay for each click. Placements are usually and fixed expenditure opportunities are also available.

Based on the program you choose, you can promote products on social media.

Tip: Check the policies of both the advertiser and the social media platform before proceeding.

How does CJ Affiliate Works?

You must have at least an essential understanding of HTML, where you need this skill to insert a tracking blade on your website.

To find advertisers within your status, click Advertisers> Category.

How does CJ Affiliate Works

Before you begin to join affiliate programs, let's divide what these three columns mean.

How does CJ Affiliate Works-02

The first column, network earnings (Network Earnings), shows how to perform the advertiser in CJ Affiliate. See this green tape? Depends on the size of paid commissions like you.

The greater the length of the green tape, the better. This indicates that advertisers pay actively commissions, a wonderful sign.

The new accounts are classified as 'new' for the first three months.

Measures the second column, 'profits per click' (EPC) The number of visitors you can drive across your site and will achieve sales for advertisers.

During a period of 3 months and 7 days, if there are less than 1000 and 100 straight clicks, N / A will be displayed.

To view more details about the program, click Advertiser (Advertiser). Tells important information such as commission rates and policies and the referral period.

CJ Affiliate Apply to Program

Click the Green button Join Program in the third column to send your order. During this stage, you may be asked to accept terms and conditions.

Many advertisers use automatic rules to accept or reject applications, while some are manually reviewed.

Responses can take from a day to a few weeks, so you may need to be patient.

Now ... advertisers on CJ Affiliate Network are known as difficult to please.

If your website is rejected, you will not feel frustrated. Go to the following advertiser. Who knows, it may be better to confirm with your blog.

After approval, click Get Links.

If you choose Banner, flash, or text links, mouse over the symbol for an advertisement preview. You can see how you will appear on your website.

Then, click Get Code ().

CJ Affiliate Apply to Program- Get Link

There are 4 options to choose from:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Click URL (for search engine promotion, aka Google and Bing)
  • Image URL (for products)

If you want to customize your code (for example, open it in a new tab), just customizable it over the Get Code interface in CJ Affiliate. Remember to update it. If you do not, changes will not be valid.

You will notice that many advertiser codes include different clicks or additional parameters. Do not modify them.

CJ Affiliate will not be responsible if publishers adjust the symbols and make an error.

If you want to modify or have questions about the code, contact the advertiser concerned (not CJ Affiliate). You can do this in your panel: Mail> messages> compose.

After completion of customization, copy the entire code and paste it into your web page.

CJ Affiliate Apply to Program- Get the code

That is all, we are finished.

To check your trace blade, go to Reports> Performance Reports.

Adjust the filters as they see. Let her work for a while. If your link does not report clicks or appears, it is traced.

What are the payment methods at CJ Affiliate?

As a publisher, you are paying for yourself by direct deposit, check, or Payoneer.

CJ Affiliate pays within 20 days from the end of the month, as long as you have a minimum rate of $ 50 (direct deposit) or $ 100 (check).

Commissions will be grouped from multiple programs together in one account. For international persons, Payoneer offers more than 150 local currencies without clearing fees. Commissions are processed according to CJ Affiliate standard.

So writing this article, CJ Affiliate does not provide payment via PayPal or credit cards.

Final tips for dealing with CJ Affiliate Network

Your website needs a large number of targeted visits to start gaining commissions.

Generally, it takes more time than a half year to begin getting results.

Commission marketing is a game for patience and endurance - and CJ Affiliate Network is not an exception.

The bloggers who have successfully recommended: Create your blog content about the product. Select the products you trust and love. From there, put forward ideas to generate ideas and content for new customers.

From now on, you want to make the surveillance usually, where the best marketing software refers to your performance to the type of products and content you want readers.

The most successful affiliate programs do not earn only money.

They also inspire new blog publications and action ideas I have not seen before.

If you just started blogging a few visits a day, this is not the time to join this network.

But if you are a wall and you have a firm audience? Or a leading business has high-quality traffic on your website?



CJ Affiliate Network can be the best marketing program for you. With its super coming and opportunity to work with the most famous brands in the world, this subsidiary should not be missed. Register today as a publisher and try it yourself.

We hope you benefited from the CJ Affiliate Marketing Guide, and wish you the best results to start making money marketing.

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