How to analyze Keyword Competition?

Before picking a specific keyword to write on, it would be wise to sit down to analyze how difficult it will be for you to rank in that research query. This is done by analyzing keyword competition.

Which king goes into battle without first analyzing if he has chances of winning against the other kingdoms. 

Are you familiar with that quote?

Blogging is a game of thrones. 

analyze Keyword Competition

Tips from 15 Experts on Competitive Keyword Analysis

Indeed, you read that right; it is a battle for sits who would be first when a user types in a search query?

And like the lion, when you can't overthrow the present King of a particular jungle, you go in search of your territory where you can rule as King without opposition.

I know you are getting it now.

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO Plans For Small Businesses

What is keyword competition?

Keyword competition is the proportion of how troublesome it will be to rank for a specific keyword. The competition for a keyword can change contingent upon how famous the keyword is and industry competition.

I saw that online. 

For me, competition is competition. It compares your domain authority with your competitors in a particular keyword to determine if your site is gallant enough to rank high in keyword search appearance compared to your adversaries.

Yeh! Who stoned me? It looks like they don't want you to know this.

The people in the search market gauge what amount of time and exertion it might require to accomplish top rankings for specific keywords or search terms. 

My question is, how do you judge keyword competitiveness?

By what standard do you weigh your balances and determine that you can rank for a particular key phrase.

Remember, it's a game of thrones.

Ah! Who stoned me again? I think I will have to call 911. (^_^)

Yes, where was I? 

Look no further for our top to bottom SEO guide.

The accompanying input for analyzing keyword competitiveness is unequaled. 

First, look at your site statistics, facts, and backing!

Observe the keywords that produce traffic to your top site pages.

Then, at that point, use WordStream to grow a keyword set around those center traffic generators. You'll assemble long-tail traffic quickly and develop quality traffic.

According to Competitive Keyword Analysis Experts

  • Aaron Wall
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Michael Gray

When thinking about entering another market with another site:

take a gander at the search results with SEO for Firefox turned on.

That will give you lots of data about site age, links to the ranking pages and sites 

if people leverage domain names, site traffic estimates, and much brand strength in the market. 

That last comes from knowing the web pretty well and comprehending the markets you operate in well. 

And if you are in a new area and are dubious of how solid it is, then, at that point, tapping on a portion of the foundation data connections can assist with giving you more data and bits of knowledge.

But eventually, your website is already an established website:

It is often easy to publish content and see how well you rank for it. 

Profoundly/root keyword

, you can, in any case, earn substantial sums of money by rankings for a variety of point content to test the market.

Hmmm, this one is strong.


Keyword Competition Tool

We have several keyword research tools to help you spy on your competitors and analyze if you can rank for a key phrase. 

Competitive keywords difficulty

These tools can serve as keyword competition checkers and help you analyze keyword competition by running a Google keyword difficulty check. 

This is How to use these tools

  1. Take the top 5 results, 
  2. Do who is research for every one of the domains. Assuming the vast majority of the domains have been enlisted for over five years,

 you will require a confided in the domain to rank.

Get this straight,

Domain age is not what you are looking for, but trust me, the links that a domain like that have from publishing for that long; as a new domain, you need five years of link building to match the strength to be able to overcome

How to Analyze Keyword Competition?

This is more than just randomly digging the web and looking for the top ten domains, and seeing whether there is a loophole you can fit in.

Just because a domain isn't competitive doesn't mean we want it. So it's not just pursuing non-competitive areas,

But we are looking for where we can become principalities, the volume to chase the giant shark whales.

So, we can initiate with the usual suspects. 

Google keywords competition research tools have already mentioned 

Then, cross-reference some PPC data, always get a reasonable understanding of worth and competitiveness in search engines. 

Just for fun sake, have a peek at Trends/Insights…

The time to delve deep into seeing what the competitive/authority sites have working for them and where there are prospects. To get the facts-based insights, what will be the estimated cost and ideal timeline?

Tools to Analyze Keyword Competition

  • Google Keyword tool competition, 
  • AdWords Keyword tool competition, 
  • Free Keyword competition tool, 
  • Google AdWords keyword tool competition 
  • SEO for Firefox has the best keyword analysis tools.

So if you are looking for rapid high-level keyword analysis, float the fundamental question in the search bar and extract the data into a CSV, then sum the following columns:

  • Y! Links
  • Y! Page Links
  • Majestic SEO Link Domain
  • Page Rank
  • Domain Age

I know this much better analysis than the number of search volumes and ranking difficulties because I intend to crack through the top five/ ten, so the strength of those pages is what I am concerned with

You might not find this in the document analysis of the top 5 websites on a specific search query.

Now I need you to pose this mindset when analyzing competitions.

Don’t get hung up in estimating keyword competition

Conduct a quick test to ascertain true keyword competitiveness for your website or paid search account, then iterate on those results

Stop procrastinating about keyword competitiveness as something to apply to individual keywords. 

WordStream is a site that generates millions of visits through search every year through millions of different searches. 

Try to figure out keyword competitiveness for each one is a path to madness.

 Instead, they organized their keyword taxonomy into around 500 groupings of similar keywords and carefully examined the competitive landscape for each per-keyword grouping basis.

Now below are tools you should use in analyzing keyword competition:


SEMRush has excellent data like their Monetization segment for keywords. 

Google’s extraordinary keyword research

It shows several interesting data points, including the top terms by category. You can utilize the Google Traffic Estimator tool to find approximate keyword values, best used alongside a tool like SEMRush.


Four variables specific to each site:

  • Content volume
  • User data
  • Anchor text and title tags 
  • Domain name keywords 

It is essential to rank, pick your keywords based on benefit to YOUR site, and look for the sweet spots with low competition.

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