Your Complete Guide to Profit from ClickBank Australia

ClickBank is a leading e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace that connects product owners, affiliates, and customers worldwide. But how can you use ClickBank in Australia, and what are the benefits and challenges of doing so? In this article, we will answer these questions and more, and provide you with some tips and resources to succeed with ClickBank in Australia.

The ClickBank website is one of the best marketing sites that can profit through it with ease on the Internet by offering many tools and features for its customers, so people can market their products professionally, then get great profits as a result of this e-marketing and affiliate marketing. Although this site is one of the most famous sites, its beginning was otherwise. 

Where the site began in the United States in California and specifically in a special car repair store in San Diego, which was in 1998.

What is ClickBank? What are its features? And what he can introduce to customer participants in Australia and other countries and how ClickBank can benefit from it and profit. This is what we will answer in this article.

ClickBank Australia

How to use ClickBank in Australia and What are the Benefits and Challenges?

ClickBank is an e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace that allows members from Australia to join as sellers or affiliates, and offers International Direct Deposit for payments in Australian Dollars. The benefits of using ClickBank in Australia include access to quality products, high commissions, reliable payments, accurate tracking, dedicated support, and training and education. The challenges of using ClickBank in Australia include currency conversion fees, tax implications, and competition from other affiliates and platforms. To use ClickBank in Australia, you need to choose a profitable niche, create a website or landing page, promote your products effectively, and comply with the rules and regulations of ClickBank and Australia.

Key Takeaways

  • ClickBank allows members from Australia to join as sellers or affiliates, and offers International Direct Deposit for payments in Australian Dollars.
  • ClickBank offers quality products, high commissions, reliable payments, accurate tracking, dedicated support, and training and education for its members.
  • ClickBank also has some challenges for Australian members, such as currency conversion fees, tax implications, and competition from other affiliates and platforms.
  • To succeed with ClickBank in Australia, you need to choose a profitable niche, create a website or landing page, promote your products effectively, and comply with the rules and regulations of ClickBank and Australia.

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What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing network, where they help connect the owners of products (well known as traders, advertisers, sellers, and products) with affiliates (also called publishers).

ClickBank was founded in 1998 based in the United States. After being launched in the development and growth until the ClickBank website became one of the most famous websites in promoting and marketing products and commission.

ClickBank website includes much variety of domain products and uses, where health areas, cooking recipes, software, animal training, and other areas.

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ClickBank Australia Advantages

The main feature of ClickBank is that it gives users the opportunity to sell a variety of digital products, such as computer programs and electronic books. In addition to providing a market for exchange, as well as being a payment processor.

ClickBank also is an excellent way to make people buy your product across subsidiaries. As an owner of the product, all you have to do is create an account and set a price for your product. Then get code from the site to start viewing your product.

There are other advantages as follows below:

  • The website of Click Bank is among the security sites that have great credibility, through its keenness to deliver funds for the subscriber on time.
  • The site specifies the customer in which the customer can return the product they purchased from the site and the duration is 60 days, and if that duration cannot return the product.
  • The joint commission is between 75% and up to 90% of the product value and this percentage is very excellent.
  • The ClickBank Publisher does not need other sources of income.
  • The Publisher can create its own link, through which remittances and clicks can be tracked.
  • ClickBank offers the possibility of identifying customer interaction with its marketing, through the statistics that do the site for each product, which shows the extent to which the customer is attracted.
  • ClickBank represents the link between the seller and the person who is marketing the products and the customer who purchases them, by maintaining all the rights of each party.
  • ClickBank Publisher can get greater amounts than they get by selling internal additions to customers.

ClickBank Australia Disadvantages

Although there are many features offered by ClickBank for its customers; However, there are some negatives that the client must be cautious while using the site either buyer or seller, we will recognize the negatives of the site through the following points:

  • The Clickbank is not available in the location of the client through which the customer can withdraw its own money-on-site funds. There is a single way for customers outside the United States of America, which is by Pioneer.
  • Although the 60-day period as the duration of power, the consumer can return the product he purchased, is an advantage of the consumer, but it is negative for the seller or person who markets those products.
  • The Publisher can face difficulty choosing the right product he wanted to buy because there are many unprecedented statistics.

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How to Sign up On ClickBank Australia?

So that the person to take advantage of the features and services provided by the site which helps to market their products and profit through which they must register first at the website of Click Bank, through the following steps:

1. At first go to the official ClickBank website.

clickbank site

2. Click “Start Here” Button located on the upper right.

3. Click Option B “I want to promote ClickBank products as an affiliate”, then press the Ok button.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-01

4. Go through the steps, and enter you email address you used in ClickBank.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-02

5. Based on your choices and inputs, you will have a quick tutorial, also continued.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-03

6. Choose to Join the Educational Program or continue to work on the site.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-04

7. Select your country, “Australia Listed”, First Name, Last Name, your phone, and email address, and enter your password, read and accept the site terms and conditions, then click “Join ClickBank” button.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-05

8. That is all, now you are joined a ClickBank. Complete your profile on the site.

Sign up On Clickbank Australia-06

How To Choose a Product to Promote

It is best to promote affiliate products you are genuinely interested in and would recommend to a friend if you wanted to make money with Clickbank. The products should also be in demand and not oversaturated, and low refund rates are ideal. It may not sell well if the sales page does not look appealing. 

Browse the Clickbank marketplace by logging in to your affiliate account and clicking on the link. Using the left menu, choose the category that makes the most sense and then use the various filters to narrow it down.

If you are looking to look through products on display, you can filter by gravity, best sellers, new arrivals, or best sellers. If you like, you can search for relevant items.

It is a very competitive niche, especially for digital products, and the highest commissions usually go to digital products. Targeted traffic is also available to these offers through many different marketing strategies.

Open the affiliate landing page and the sales page after you find something that looks good. Video sales letters are usually available on the sales page, so you can either purchase them or learn more about them.

The strategy you choose will determine whether you choose to promote a range of products or focus on one or two. The vendor of the product can be reached at the email address provided if you have any questions.

How to Get Your Affiliate Link

A lot more than links are important to affiliate marketers. An affiliate link is essential for earning commissions. It is fairly easy to use affiliate links on ClickBank, making it the best affiliate marketing network.

Any product listing will have a "promote" button, and this will bring up the popup where you can create your links.

Many Clickbank products can be promoted by affiliates for free - sometimes you need an invitation to join an affiliate program.

There's one major barrier that first-time affiliates on Clickbank won't have to deal with, and that's the commission structure. Affiliate programs with high ticket levels are easier to promote for beginners.

How To Make Profit From ClickBank Australia

If you read on other affiliate marketing blogs, you’ll see a ton of “tactics” on how to make money with ClickBank. Some of them work and some of them clearly don’t work.

Other than the last strategy, the problem with most of these tactics is that they do not have much preselling. 

Sales pages are often thrown at people without a clear explanation of why they are there or who the guy trying to sell them an information product is. 

Preselling is huge in our experience. Your conversion rates will 5-10x very often if you can be that 3rd party giving a recommendation. To do this, you need to provide people with valid reasons for buying the product.

There are three major steps to make money from ClickBank:

  • The product/offer
  • The funnel
  • The traffic

1. The Product/offer

 You need to sign up for an affiliate account before you can choose a product on the ClickBank website. 

As a result of analyzing top gravity products across all categories, you have a general idea of what a good product looks like. A good starting point for you would be to choose a niche/category you want to specialize in.

There are many ClickBank niches that are often profitable, such as health, wealth, and relationships, but you should search for products that you are interested in and can promote.

You must consider the following factors when choosing the product:

  • Interest in the niche
  • Gravity is not a deal-breaker
  • “Wow” factor and solution for niche problem
  • Create a great sales page
  • Handle affiliate tools/support

2. The Sales Funnel

The next step is to think about the typical journey your visitors would take before they buy your product. The following are some of the most common "journeys" in website design:

  • Direct linking
  • Lander > Offer
  • Lander > Opt-in > Offer

3. Traffic

What are you doing to attract visitors to your niche website and therefore your offer? Depending on how much effort and time you put into driving traffic, you may actually pay for it or just spend effort and time. Let me focus on the types of traffic sources that I recommend.

Basically, SEO means getting your website to rank high when people enter specific search terms into Google. With SEO, you can get traffic for years without much effort, since it's a long-term strategy.

A Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other PPC ad might be suitable for you if you have a budget. It was once profitable to write Facebook pages, attract followers, and publish content. The organic reach of Facebook pages has significantly decreased, as you may already know.

You also can also affiliate your products on YouTube, and on Reddit.

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