TESLA owned nearly $ 2 billion of Bitcoin at the end of 2024

TESLA said on Monday (February 7th) in the US Securities and Exchange Authority (SEC) that she retained nearly $ 2 billion from the last year.

Where the company bought a total of $ 1.5 billion from the beginning in 2021.

The largest encrypted currency in terms of market value ended in 2021 at approximately 60%, which was circulated over $ 46 thousand on December 31.

Why Elon Musk did not invest all these funds in his favorite Dogecoin?

TESLA owned nearly $ 2 billion of Bitcoin

Tesla Key facts

TESLA revealed in its annual report on Monday, that the market value of its owners from Bitcoin rose to $ 1.99 billion as of 31 December after its $ 1.5 billion investment in the first quarter, accounting for nearly 10% of its liquid assets (including cash and negotiable securities).

Despite an accounting loss of $ 101 million due to the volatility of the coin last year, the company announced a profit of $ 272 million from the sale of digital assets last year and said it 'believes in long-term digital assets, as investment and also as an alternative to the cash.

With about 43,200 Petsla, Tesla owns more than the world's largest encrypted currency of the top 10 owners of the owner, according to the Bitcoin cabinets, but they are diminishing compared to MicroStrategy, data analyzes led by the strong Bitcoin Thor Michael Saylor, which owns 125,051,5.4 metal coin With about XnumX billion dollars.

2021 positive for Bitcoin

Digital currencies have seen a major rise during 2017. Where the largest encrypted currency in this market has been able to configure, from 10,000 dollars to contact 20,000 dollars, but quickly declined to trade down 10,000 dollars at the beginning of 2018.

Since 2018 and even mid-2020, the coins have not seen great movements but soon changed the case with near the end of 2020.

Where they were launched strongly to attract the eyes and funds of traders and investors in the financial markets and continued to configure the rise in 2021, and reached its highest level in November 2021 near $ 69,000.

China First Enemy for Cryptocurrency

In July amid fears of an organizational campaign in China, it has returned to its highest level above $ 68,000 by early November and trading with mortality over 42,000 on Monday morning.

China has not completed re-imposing strict measures against encrypted currencies each period.

BEIJING has imposed a ban on the mines and warned continuously from dealing with deals and achieved its goals by transforming the destination of the mines for the United States.

Because of Chinese pressures on the styling mining sector, mining companies decided to displacement to neighboring countries, including Kazakhstan, as among States that provide cheap energy supply.

What Does Mining Mean?

The exchange currencies are discovered instead of printing, computers around the world are tracked on encrypted currencies by competing with each other.

The mining process included the same steps in detecting mineral resources, which requires huge amounts of energy, time, and money to detect something before others do.

Pict mines are using powerful computers to discover new blocks to add them to a series of punishing blocks through difficult and complex processes, which can be summarized as a difficult sports equations solution. This is an additional challenge for the environment.

Participation in the mining network for confusion is a very profitable project, but the requirements of electricity and devices often limit its profitability, particularly for resource-resource meters.

TESLA was briefly accepted as an option for payment but stopped in May because of environmental concerns.

The decline should not affect the value of punishment on profits as long as Tesla did not get rid of any of its encrypted currency.


Increased institutional adoption and growing inflationary concerns led to high coins to high levels during the epidemic, but not without disruptive fluctuations. Shortly after TESLA raises the coin of Bitcoin to new high levels after being announced about an investment of $ 1.5 billion in February, prices collapsed by almost 20% when MUSK said prices seemed to be a little high 'on Twitter.

Despite the arrival of the peaks to a new peak at $ 69,000 in November, the currency encoded many defects by 20% over the past year, including in May when TESLA declared it will stop investing in Bitcoin - and accept them as a payment method for its vehicles - Because of the industry's impact on the environment. At about $ 43,888 on Monday, the price of the Petition rose 13% over the past year but fell 35% at its highest level at all.

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