Drop Ship Lifestyle Reddit Review: Is It Worth It?

Dropshipping is a type of ecommerce business where you can sell products online without having to store, manage, or ship them. You simply create a website, find a supplier, and market your products to your target audience. When someone places an order, you forward it to your supplier, who then fulfills and ships it directly to your customer. You earn the difference between the price you charge and the price you pay to your supplier.

Dropshipping can be a lucrative and flexible way to make money online, but it also comes with its own challenges and risks. You need to find a profitable niche, reliable suppliers, and effective marketing strategies. You also need to deal with customer service issues, refunds, chargebacks, and competition.

That’s why many aspiring dropshippers look for guidance and training from experts who have already achieved success in this field. One of the most popular and reputable online courses that teaches how to start andgrow a successful dropshipping business is Drop Ship Lifestyle (DSL).

But is DropShip Lifestyle really worth it? How does it compare to other dropshipping courses or platforms? What are the real user feedback and results from Drop Ship Lifestyle really students? In this article, we will review Drop Ship Lifestyle based on real user feedback from Reddit and other sources. We will also compare Drop Ship Lifestyle with some of the alternatives and provide some tips and recommendations for anyone who is interested in joining Drop Ship Lifestyle or dropshipping in general.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Reddit

What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online course that was created by Anton Kraly, a veteran dropshipper who has been in the industry since 2007. Anton started his first dropshipping store when he was 21 years old and sold it for over $1 million four years later. Since then, he has launched and sold several other successful dropshipping stores and created Drop Ship Lifestyle to share his knowledge and experience with others.

DROP SHIP LIFESTYLE is not just a course, but a complete system that covers everything you need to know about dropshipping from A to Z. It consists of seven modules that teach you how to:

  • Choose a niche that has a lot of demand and little competition.
  • Do market research and test your niche idea.
  • Create a professional and optimized website using Shopify and the DROP SHIP LIFESTYLE theme.
  • Get approved by reputable suppliers who offer high-quality products and fast shipping.
  • Generate targeted traffic to your website using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.
  • Outsource and automate your daily tasks using virtual assistants and software tools.
  • Scale your business and increase your profits by adding more products, suppliers, and traffic sources.

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Drop Ship Lifestyle also gives you access to several other features and benefits, such as:

  • The Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify theme, which is a custom-made theme that is designed specifically for dropshipping stores. It has all the features and functionalities that you need to create a high-converting website that attracts customers and boosts sales.
  • The private community, which is a forum where you can interact with other DROP SHIP LIFESTYLE students, ask questions, get feedback, share tips, and network with like-minded people. You can also join the private Facebook group and the Slack channel for more support and communication.
  • The coaching calls, which are live webinars where Anton and his team answer your questions, review your progress, give you advice, and update you on the latest trends and strategies in dropshipping. You can also watch the recordings of previous coaching calls anytime you want.
  • The annual retreats, which are exclusive events where you can meet Anton and other Drop Ship Lifestyle students in person, learn from guest speakers, participate in workshops, enjoy networking activities, and have fun in exotic locations around the world.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a cheap course. It costs $2,997 for the premium package or $4,997 for the ultimate package. However, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course or if you don’t get approved by at least five suppliers within 30 days.

What are the pros and cons of Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the most comprehensive and practical courses on dropshipping that you can find online. It has helped thousands of students from over 50 countries start and grow their own successful dropshipping businesses. Some of the pros of DROP SHIP LIFESTYLE are:

  • The content of the course is based on Anton’s proven system that he has used himself to create multiple six-figure dropshipping stores. It covers everything from niche selection to scaling your business in a step-by-step manner that is easy to follow and implement.
  • The results of the course are undeniable. You can find many success stories and testimonials from Drop Ship Lifestyle students who have achieved amazing results with their dropshipping stores. Some of them have even quit their jobs, traveled the world, or sold their stores for huge profits thanks to Drop Ship Lifestyle.
  • The support of the course is exceptional. You get access to Anton and his team who are always ready to help you with any questions or issues that you may have. You also get access to the private community where you can learn from and network with other Drop Ship Lifestyle students who are on the same journey as you.
  • The approach of the course is ethical and sustainable. DROP SHIP LIFESTYLE teaches you how to build long-term relationships with your suppliers and customers by offering high-quality products, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Drop Ship Lifestyle also teaches you how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes that many dropshippers make, such as selling low-quality products, using unreliable suppliers, or violating trademark laws.

However, Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a perfect course. It also has some cons that you should be aware of before joining. Some of them are:

  • The cost of the course is high. Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the most expensive courses on dropshipping that you can find online. It costs $2,997 for the premium package or $4,997 for the ultimate package. This is a significant investment that may not be affordable for everyone. You also need to consider the additional expenses that you will incur for tools, ads, etc.
  • The competition of the course is high. Drop Ship Lifestyle is a popular course that has attracted thousands of students from around the world. This means that you may face more competition and saturation in some niches or markets that are taught by Drop Ship Lifestyle. You may also encounter copycats or competitors who use the same strategies or products as you.
  • The shipping time of the course is long. Drop Ship Lifestyle teaches you how to dropship from US-based suppliers who offer fast and reliable shipping to your customers. However, this also means that you are limited to selling to US customers only. If you want to sell to other countries, you may have to deal with longer shipping times and higher shipping costs that may affect your customer satisfaction and retention.
  • The learning curve of the course is steep. Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a push-button solution that will make you money overnight. It is a serious and legitimate business that requires hard work, dedication, and constant learning. You need to follow the course diligently, apply what you learn, test and tweak your strategies, and adapt to changing market conditions.

What are the alternatives to Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is not the only course or platform that teaches how to start and grow a successful dropshipping business. There are many other options that you can choose from depending on your budget, preferences, and goals. Some of the alternatives to Drop Ship Lifestyle are:

  • Shopify Dropshipping Mastery by Kevin Zhang: This is a comprehensive course that teaches you how to build a profitable dropshipping store using Shopify and Facebook Ads. It covers everything from product research to scaling your store in a detailed and actionable way. It costs $1,997 for lifetime access.
  • eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett: This is a popular course that teaches you how to create a successful ecommerce store using Shopify and various traffic sources, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. It covers everything from niche selection to email marketing in an easy-to-understand and practical way. It costs $197 for the standard package or $297 for the ultimate package.
  • Store Coach by Dave Hermansen: This is a platform that provides you with all the tools and resources that you need to start and grow your own dropshipping store. It includes a step-by-step training program, a website builder, a supplier directory, a keyword tool, a niche finder, and more. It costs $49 per month or $499 per year for full access.
  • AliDropship by Yaroslav Nevsky: This is a platform that allows you to create and run your own dropshipping store using WordPress and AliExpress. It includes a plugin that automates the entire process of importing products, fulfilling orders, updating prices, etc. It also includes a theme, a hosting service, a support team, and more. It costs $89 for the plugin or $299 for a custom store.

These are just some of the alternatives to Drop Ship Lifestyle that you can consider if you are looking for other options or if you want to compare different courses or platforms on dropshipping. However, keep in mind that each option has its own pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, features and benefits. You need to do your own research and due diligence before deciding which one suits your needs and goals best.


Drop Ship Lifestyle Reddit Review

If you are looking for an honest and unbiased dropship lifestyle review, you may want to check out some of the real user feedback from Reddit. Reddit is a popular online platform where you can find various communities and discussions on different topics, including dropshipping. You can find many posts and comments from people who have shared their experience with drop ship lifestyle, a comprehensive online course that teaches you how to start and grow a successful dropshipping business. You can also learn more about the CEO of drop ship lifestyle, Anton Kraly, who is a veteran dropshipper and a mentor to thousands of students. By reading the Reddit reviews, you can get a better idea of what drop ship lifestyle is, what it offers, and what it can do for you.



Drop Ship Lifestyle Redit is one of the most comprehensive and reputable courses on dropshipping that you can find online. It teaches you how to start and grow a successful dropshipping business using Anton’s proven system that he has used himself to create multiple six-figure dropshipping stores.

Drop Ship Lifestyle has many pros, such as the content, the results, the support, and the approach of the course. However, it also has some cons, such as the cost, the competition, the shipping time, and the learning curve of the course.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is not for everyone. It is for those who are serious about dropshipping and who are willing to invest their time, money, and effort into building a legitimate and 

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