How to Begin to Make Money from Dropshipping Using Shopify and Pinterest

We often want to imitate people successful in achieving rich, but often failure is fate. This is normal, you see the final version only from the successful person, and do not realize its beginnings and exactions.

It is a bit different in digital marketing, and the beginnings and experiments are possible to avoid failure and help usually achieve success. Everything you need is skills and experience for success.

We have gathered you in this article some tips and experiments that help you win more than $ 1000 per month by trading Dropshipping.


How to Begin to Make Money from Dropshipping?

  • All you need in this way: an e-shop, paid domain, Business account on "Pinterest".
  • You can create a store on WooCommerce or Shopify. If you do not have a strong hosting, I advise you to use Shopify installation and their strength is important. In case you do not have $ 29.00 to invest you can use a free trial for 14 days in which it can experience this method "Shopify 14 days".
  • Diss you will need Domain .com. There are some offers that you offer you domain only $ 0.99 for a year and take it with your Shopify shop you will find many explanations about the way you connect your store outside.
  • In order to create a Business account on "Pinterest", it is free.

What is Dropshipping Reddit?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a platform you can create your own electronic store. It has many features, providing strong hosting, direct support in case of problems as well as many applications in order to increase your sales of Oberlo.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a web exchange site that allows users to create and manage image groups based on a particular topic as events, this site is managed by a small group of businessmen and investors.

Pinterest users can lift, upload, sort, and manage interrelated images with a particular event, and therefore this site is clearly intersected with Flicker. Our goal here in this article is subject to this site to meet your project needs.

Why you Must Use Pinterest on Dropshipping?

You should learn my dear The Facebook platform and other platforms are not archived in search engines, In contrast, Pinterest is one of Google's favorite pallets, especially Google photos, they appear in search engines quickly as they top the first pages and therefore get a free Traffic.

This is not only the Alexa report, but Pinterest is also one of the most visited sites and most of its visits come from US and UK. Knowing that monthly visits have reached more than 1.1 billion active users. This is a great market that can not be ignored.

Now how Can you Earn More than $1,000 per month?

Before you should know that more than 75% of users are stated. The way is as follows: 

Select a product from AliExpress for women that do not exceed $ 3.00, put it in your Shopify store for free, bit with $ 7.50 shipping.

Good product price is $ 2.87 + $ 1.88 Shipping "epacket" we set up with free shipping with 7.50 $:

$ 7.50 - $ 4.75 = $ 2.75 for each path you will get and this is good for a beginner.

Now the slide we target is women, and therefore Pinterest is the best platform for us, do not worry I will share with you how to make you get profits without investing money in ads.

First, download the free Pinterest Shopify APP.

this app allows us to add the "BUY" button in our pictures on Pinterest and therefore the person will be able to buy our products without going out of Pinterest.

How to get more Traffic on Pinterest?

The way is very easy, Pinterest is available on the groups as at Facebook, but the name is different where in Pinterest called "Board". All we'll do now is to search for "board" related to the product you promote.

There must be more than 1,000 followers so we can get many sales and appear in Google and`s results.

Now after you find the Pinterest Board sites that are available on many followers, now came to persuade time, You must convince the members of the experts by adding you as a publisher for the witch and will therefore get sales from your group you will only add images related to the witch and therefore will not be deleted, The secret in this way is the Shopify app that adds the "BUY" button and thus you will get sales from within the group, repeat the operation in different pits.

In order to find a "board" suitable with a large number of followers, you can use this site: Pingroupie.

Well after the group was found to go for their own insurance, and send a message to the additives on Pinterest or through its email if it put him in his own profile. you can use the following message:

Hi Dear

I found Your Pinterest group board, “Board Name”, and i’d love to join in. I love ...... & ....... and sharing my favorite from around the web My Pinterest Url is :

! Have a great day

Good, do this in many groups until they are included in as many as possible. Now, place your products from Shopify to eBay and start getting your first sales.

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