Cryptocurrency Is Catching The Eye Of Miami And New York

Miami's mayor is a huge fan of cryptocurrency and Miami has a lot to offer - the sunshine, the seashore, the Cuban coffee. Now the metropolis's mayor “Francis Suarez” wants to put it on the map too: he desires to be the first to create a brand new method of elevating cash for the city - via a brand new cryptocurrency


miamicoin, which he plans to test this year, has the potential to generate so much profit in the long haul that "Miamiians would not need to pay for city services," the Republican instructed the BBC.

It's one of his dreams, and beyond that, he hopes one day to be in a position to hand out MiamiCoin to every resident, as a kind of digital dividend. 

Miamicoin ” is only one part of Mr. Suarez's efforts to establish Miami as a crypto hub

"I believe that this is an exciting opportunity for us to diversify our economy," he stated. "Prior to the pandemic, over 60% of Miami's financial system was based on services. Therefore, we were particularly vulnerable to Covid, and I am unlikely to pass up the opportunity to trade it." 

Mr. Suarez may be the first to launch, but he is not the Fbest candidate in the race for crypto-capital of the United States. Following closely behind him is the person slated to succeed him as NY mayor, “Eric Adams”

Is Cryptocurrency Catching The Eye Of Miami and New York?

What are cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies, according to some analysts, are both about to revolutionize the world economic system, bypassing national governments' control over finance, empowering everyday people, or they're unstable and dangerous, allowing illegal activities, from ransomware to drug dealing. 

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, not backed by any major bank or fee gadget, created or "mined" by way of computer systems operating complex programs. Those who are prepared to use a basic computing device can mine, and even establish their own cryptocurrency. They could even be purchased and offered, like investing in a commodity. Next, realism continues: The most efficient popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has attracted huge attention, been highly volatile, and investors have lost fortunes by investing in it.

What is NYCCoin?

However, many cryptocurrencies have sprung up since then. 

Mr. Adams, a Democrat, who takes the workplace in January, has promised to make new york a crypto-hub. According to him, city workers are getting paid in cryptocurrency and faculty members want to learn more about it. As soon as he learned Mr. Suarez had requested Bitcoin for his first paycheque, the New Yorker requested bitcoin for himself for the first three months of his salary. Mr. Adams is supporting his city's adaptation of a digital currency, NYCCoin.

 While one of the biggest rivalries may revolve around sending out alerts, both mayors are considering positioning their city as a hub for cryptocurrency. 

In June, Mr. Suarez facilitated a Bitcoin gathering in Miami attended by 12,000 fans along with brokers, tech leaders, and crypto-business visionaries. 

The next one is already deliberate for April 2022. To embrace the concept of a city-based crypto-token, like MiamiCoin or NYCCoin, further demonstrates your commitment to the industry. MiamiCoin can be mined by anyone. 

When You Can buy Miamicoin?

A significant portion of the mining proceeds goes straight to the miner. Those funds go to a nonprofit organization responsible for the city tokens referred to as CityCoins.

CityCoins gives 30% of the MiamiCoin generated to the metropolis of Miami and 70% is divided evenly among all holders of MiamiCoin. 

MiamiCoin, a digital currency launched in August, has generated over $20m on behalf of the metropolis, with approximately 3,500 people participating in mining, based on CityCoins. In any case, it's important to note, that MiamiCoin itself is not cash, regardless of the identity, says Dara Tarkowski, a fiscal lawyer at Actuate legislation in Chicago. 

"It works much more like the security that has to be traded and then cashed out at some point.

 "The price of the product is determined by supply and demand," talked about Ms. Tarkowski. "Tokens have value solely at the time they are redeemed, and just like an inventory, we have no idea how that will play out". There hasn't been any money spent by the city yet with MiamiCoin, although Mr. Suarez says the city is in the process of converting some of it into dollars

"We should expect $5m by the end of December," he referred to. Additionally, cryptocurrency miners have already generated greater than $25m in NYCCoin for new york's digital wallet. 

As of June, Miami hosted an adult Bitcoin convention attracting 12,000 attendees. For now, it remains to be seen what the outcome of this digital fundraising experiment will be.

Expert's Opinion About These Cryptocurrencies

There is a split in opinion. Despite their volatility, cryptocurrencies pose many other risks. They have a long history of association with crook endeavors ranging from ransomware to medical malpractice, as well as cryptocurrency scams. 

Regulators are nonetheless trying to seize up with recommendations for a sector that is still in its infancy. John Reed Stark, the cybersecurity advisor with extensive expertise at the SEC, the Securities and change commission (SEC), as well as in academia, thinks the crypto-mayors may be setting themselves up for failure. "As a result, anything they do with cryptography goes to crash, burn, and is destined to fail," he predicted. 

According to him, cryptocurrencies are close to a complicated Ponzi scheme, "the top-rated hustle", in keeping with its advocates ramping up interest in a succession of latest overvalued tasks. 

"As they will soon realize, emperors don't wear clothes. A bank regulator or federal regulator may come along and optimistically intervene and say this can't be done, you are helping crooks to operate, and the items you sell have no intrinsic value," pointed out. The SEC is calling attention to cryptocurrency activities, and there is a very good reason for it, stated Mr. Reed. 

According to him, accepting cryptocurrency is "equivalent to dealing in blood diamonds". Across the political spectrum, politicians have called for increased regulation, from Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic senator to Donald Trump, former president of the United States. 

New York City is the financial capital of the world and would like to appeal to the broader crypto community. Mr. Suarez said he was aware of the risks, but that his administration had "taken all necessary precautions". Meanwhile, others are praising the mayors' willingness to experiment. 

"Most municipalities invest in a variety of ways, acquiring a lot of unique properties. A few of them invest millions of dollars in real estate, others in bonds," mentioned Ms. Tarkowski. "I see this as yet another unique funding opportunity for the automotive industry, even if it is rather inventive for a municipality". 

The perception of cryptocurrencies as shadowy or crooked has changed now that so many people are investing in them, she argued. It would be "foolish" for mayors not to explore new revenue sources, especially if they could supplement their budgets, Ms. Tarkowski said. "I'd like to applaud Mr. Suarez for being innovative and trying a new approach," she mentioned.

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