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Immigration to USA | Study and Work Areas Required

Immigration to usa is a dream of young people around the world, especially in third world countries, but during travel attempts, some may mislead the right way and may become a victim of some exploiters for their need for migration, although they have eligible possibilities for their dream or study. In this article, we try to advise and respond to common queries.

Immigration to usa

What are the Chances of Migration to USA Candidate for Youth Now?

There is many chances for young people to enter the USA, through student F1-visa .

The opportunity begins to study after obtaining a secondary certificate, and then enrolling US universities in different disciplines and even obtaining a doctorate.

After completing the target study, the student is entitled to obtain a work permit for a year in America in all fields.

But on the latest recommendations made by the administration of US President Joe Biden, students enrolled in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) are entitled to work for 3 years full-time (40 hours). 

It is called optional practical training and one can even get permanent residence (Green Card).

What are the Requirements of University Studies in the USA?

First, the student must prove that he is able to afford university education expenses as well as accommodation costs. The requirements for each of the desired school grades are different from university.

With regard to the language, universities may accommodate the average language level but should be taken into account to be a good student level.

What is e-1 visa?

With regret, e-1 visa is uncommon for many, although it is a good way to work, legal accommodation, and investment in the USA, and has more than a picture.

We first talk about the investment e-1 visa for trade, based on the trade exchange agreement and opened joint markets between the USA and a number of countries, citizens can establish projects within America without determining the amount of investment, but for example, a proportion of the project Completion of the rest of the amount during the implementation of investment stages.

But your project must be real, has a fair relationship with your experience or field of your studies or business, or have a feasibility study that proves serious as an application for an investor visa.

It should be noted that all project ideas can become acceptable, but innovative ideas raise the investor balance undoubtedly.

This two-year investment visa and constantly renewed, but their current visa does not grant permanent residence.

Are There Other Types of Investment Visas?

Yes, the US government is interested in continuous investment movement and not a consistent investment, investing in all cases contributes to employment and unemployment reduction.

There is an EB-5 visa, which is not a draft already, worth $ 550,000, and 10 employees are employed, and they are not required to be US citizens but must have work permits, this visa is granted its holder Durable residence in America.

L1-Visa should open new branches for America for your original project in your country.

These projects do not require specific profits, even if the project does not achieve profits or incurred a loss of what the US government understands that projects may win and have lost, and the causes of such loss or expenditures must not cause an investor.

We do not recommend anything to investing without a real plan and an actual project that wishes to implement America, investment opportunities and gain open.

What is us diversity visa?

us diversity visa is one of the strongest migration methods that have begun to activate since 1995. At the beginning of October each year, randomized migration is open to the United States through Diversity VISA, and continues until November 5, to announce the result of the lottery in May. Personal interviews begin in October.

The Immigration Department annually accepts two thousand requests through Lottery-called Darkness with a view to diversifying US society through immigration usa requests from States that show statistics that many are migrated to the country. 

In contrast, States are excluded from which the United States has received large numbers of previous years such as China and the Philippines.

  • Submission in the random immigration program is free, so the advance does not need an intermediary to participate in the program.
  • Your academic specialization has nothing to do with your choice, just want to be a medium educational certificate (secondary education) or two years experience during another five years in a profession that requires a handicraft, And to exceed 21 years of age when registering.
  • You can not retain and complete the data later. The submission form is designed to fill and submit data through once and is therefore recommended to look forward to all required data and prepare them, especially with regard to the application specifications required to submit.

Tips for Young People Who Want to Immigrate to the USA

  • Certificates and language are the most important keys owned by Arab youth and are also an American goal in the next 10 years.
  • Do not allow anyone to exploit your desire to migrate badly, and ask specialists, and you have good chances to build the future if you do not have useful elements for your communities.
  • If the young man is creative or superior in his studies and has articles published in scientific journals or has beneficial activities for people, so why are incorrect trails for migration, on the contrary, there are areas that welcome and need to take advantage of its experiences.

If you are interested in immigrating or studying in a country, learn about the possibility of studying in Australia.

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