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Australian Super | Planning Your Retirement And Financial Investment

Australian Super was founded by merging ARF & STA in 2006. It happens to be an industry australian super fund. However, it doesn't cater to the needs of a specific industry. 

They are working hard on creating long-term strategies for success in scale. It will bring the advantages of the economics of scale to all individuals. You will be surprised to know that Australian Super has 2.4 million members. 

They are currently one of Australia's largest and most prominent superannuation funds. Their overall assets under management are $233 billion. If you plan your retirement and financial investment with Australian Super, it will be a good idea.

Retirement And Financial Investment With AustralianSuper

What are the Investment options from Australian Super?

AustralianSuper Investment options

AustralianSuper has around six different pre-mixed investment options. They have four DIY mix investment options along with direct member options.


 The pre-mixed investment option is highly balanced. It is also socially aware and can benefit you while planning your financial investment. This pre-mixed investment option boasts diversity and balance and is very stable.


The DIY Mix investment option involves Australian and International Shares. It also includes diversified fixed interest and Cash flow.

Member Direct

Member direct is another option of investment for the individuals. It includes shares in the S&P/ASX 300 Index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and term deposits are also a part of it.

What is AustralianSuper Financial Advice?

AustralianSuper Financial Advice

AustralianSuper offers comprehensive and straightforward financial advice in two different forms. The first form is simple, where they advise on your super account. It is up to you to make a wise investment choice. You have to add something extra to your super and personal insurance. You will get in touch with many retirement income options. The insurance AustralianSuper offers a sound investment plan for the person. You can choose an investment option over the phone. The best thing is that it is free of charge.

If we talk about comprehensive financial advice, it is much broader. Your first meeting with the team is complimentary. However, you need to pay for written advice. The cost may vary as it depends on the kind of advice you are looking for. You can discuss your income protection without putting up with any hidden costs. 

The best thing about discussing your investment options and retirement plans with the team is offering helpful advice. They are very familiar with all the rules and regulations regarding the Australian Super. The only disadvantage here is that you will get all the advice related to the Australian Super. 

There can be other options that may seem suitable. However, you will have to restrict yourself to this company only. If you are interested in speaking to an advisor, visiting their official site will be helpful. All you need is to fill out 'Speak to an advisor' from their page. They will let you know which funds and insurers are available and what options you can grab.

How to compare the best insurance plans through AustralianSuper?

best insurance plans through AustralianSuper

You don't need to settle for one super fund's default insurer. The best idea is to compare some of the best insurers in the market. It is an excellent way to have the best Australian Super life insurance by comparing the best rates. This is what you can look for:

1. Life cover

Life cover will help cover the insurance for your lifetime. It will protect your future, especially if you are terminally ill. 

This life cover will cover a vast amount of lump sum benefit in case of death.

2. Total and permanent disability cover

If you have a terminal disease or are disabled, it will be challenging to work for a company. The total and permanent disability cover will cover the insurance in this situation. You need to have an insurance calculator and plan your retirement accordingly.

3. Trauma Cover

Suppose an individual suffers from significant trauma or other health issues. The trauma cover will offer the perfect financial assistance for the individual. It will help you adjust to making your lifestyle and career better. Have the Australian Super PDF to read everything in detail if you don't understand.

4. Income protection cover

When illness, accident, disability, or other life trauma prevent you from working, you can benefit from AustralianSuper. The Income protection cover has it all to cover your payments all this time.

Why seek advice before planning for financial investment?

If you are unsure about suitable investment options or retirement plans, it will be challenging to handle everything. Before your retirement, you must plan to know about the right amount of insurance. Speaking to an advisor about these options will lead you to a better path. You need to get the suitable funds at the right time, or else investment will bring no benefits.

1. Understanding your risk profile

When you have a special advisor by your side, you can plan your funds in a better way. They will tell you the perfect ways of income protection. You can invest where you can reap even bigger profits in return. All you need is a stable, high growth, and balanced profile. Investing in a risk profile will lead to money loss.

2. Understand returns and fees

Before you invest your money, it is essential to learn about the returns and fees. An advisor will help you understand what your investment returns will be. They will let you know about the reasonable rate of return according to your risk profile. You also need to understand where your profile stands compared to your competitors in the market. 

3. Choosing a superfund

It can be challenging for an individual to choose a superfund successfully. When you choose the right fund, it offers hundreds or thousands of more money after retirement. A professional advisor will analyze the market situation and know where and when to invest. They can even choose a fund that seems like the perfect option for you.

4. Assess your insurance needs

Many people aren't sure how they can access their insurance needs. However, the advisor will explain every detail regarding the insurance plans. They can recommend a type of cover that is suitable according to your condition.

5. Make an additional contribution to Super

You can get the best protection insurance by making an additional contribution to super. It will not only boost your super fund but offer a good amount of tax too. Your financial advisor can discuss the possible pros and cons. They will also let you know the type of contributions they can offer. You will understand more about the suitable options regarding the retirement of investment plans.

6. Ongoing Assistance

If you get ongoing assistance from a professional, it will turn out to be beneficial. They will help you with the annual review of the performance of your funds. In this situation, they will deal with reassessing the investment options. The best thing is that whatever advice they give is based on the current market trends. It is like ongoing advice that you can get any time of the year.

What are managed funds? 

A managed fund is an investment where you can pool your money with other people. It offers a common investment goal while the fund manager will handle it. The manager of the fund will control the funds on everyone's behalf. They will work in the best interest and help people gain a lot from this investment. These managed funds are listed in two parts. One is traded on the share market. While the unlisted will be purchased and sold with the help of the fund manager.

Key Features of AustralianSuper

1. Wide range of investment options

If you want to decide on your investment, AustralianSuper offers a lot. They offer a wide range of investment options.

2. Socially responsible plans

The investment options designed by AustralianSuper are based on social responsibilities. If members are looking for ethical investment, it will be a good option. 

3. Strong investment performance

AustralianSuper offers strong investment performance for individuals. They will help you plan a good investment idea and benefit from it. You will not be surprised to know why they have been the market leaders for ten years now. 

4. Educational Tools

Australian Super has got extensive educational tools. It will help you understand the investment options. You can also know which insurance plans will be a good choice once you retire.

Know more about study in Australia.

5. Easy fee structure

The best thing about AustralianSuper is that you can get financial advice from professionals. They offer affordable fees while the fee structure is easy and convenient too.

Types of AustralianSuper Accounts 

AustralianSuper is offering a wide range of superannuation products. You can choose from various AustralianSuper Plans. These super accounts are available for full-time, part-time, and casual employees belonging to any industry. The Personal Plan is suitable for the employed and all the people who are not currently in paid employment. AustralianSuper members can get access to a range of investment options. The options are as follows: 

  • The account holders can get access to the default and MySuper-authorised Balanced option. There is also a range of “PreMixed” options, including the Socially Aware and High Growth options. income protection insurance australian super will allow the users to make hassle-free investments. 
  • DIY mix options, which allow you to choose from several asset classes. You can invest in each investment option according to your desires. AustralianSuper describes this option as “a bit hands-on.”
  • A Member Direct investment option where you can invest in your choice of selected shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), listed investment companies (LICs), term deposits, and cash. These investment options offer members different degrees of choice and control over how their money is invested. AustralianSuper life insurance will give you greater control over your investment. This will give you a confident approach towards your investment goals. This offer will encourage you to speak with a financial advisor before committing to an investment option. 

How to join AustralianSuper?

How to join AustralianSuper

Before committing to a particular fund, you must consider checking the super fund checklist. It is also essential to know all about AustralianSuper’s product disclosure statement for each product you consider investing in. This will help you make sure that the product is suitable for your needs. The Australia super income protection calculator will help you calculate the amount of money you need for the investment. Being a top-performing fund, they will help you choose good investment plans. Here is how to join the AustralianSuper:

If you want to join the AustralianSuper, you must follow the instructions given on their official website. The following procedure will allow you to join the AustralianSuper. 

AustralianSuper requires you to provide the following documents:

  • Tax File Number
  • Employer’s ABN (if you’re an employee)
  • Personal information and contact details
  • The process to register to the AustralianSuper says the process should take less than 15 minutes. 
  • It is a must to tell your employer that you have joined AustralianSuper. Your employer should give you a Superannuation standard choice form which you will have to fill out, sign, and return.
  • AustralianSuper Fee Charges will charge you a monthly or annual fee 
  • AustralianSuper charges fees to its members for managing their superannuation savings. Some of the fees on the super accounts include:
  • An administration fee –$2.25 per week and an additional 0.04% p.a. 
  • An investment fee every year. The fee was 0.62% for a member’s account balance. 
  • Insurance premiums on the level or amount that you have covered 
  • An advice fee of $295. A flat advice fee will also be charged if you meet face-to-face with the adviser. The first meeting will be complimentary.
  • Other potential fees may be charged with a fee of $70.

australian super fund address

You can access Australian Super via these details:


Phone: 1300 300 273


                Level 30

                130 Lonsdale Street

                Melbourne VIC 3000


Postal Address

                GPO Box 1901

                 Melbourne VIC 3000


You can also contact australiansuper through this link.


Not ready for retirement yet? AustralianSuper will help you get ready for your retirement. They offer a wide range of advice options to help you handle your funds. You can use their super projection calculator to explore how your savings can support it in the long term. AustralianSuper is a top-notch performing fund. You don’t have to worry, as you are in safe hands.

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