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Who is Google Doodle Today?.. Stephen Hawking

Google celebrates Stephen Hawking's birth today, January 8, 1942, as part of its global search engine celebration.

Google also published an expressive video commemorating the late scientist's birth, which shows his theory of black holes.

Google Doodle Stephen Hawking

Super Fame Despite Disability

Stephen Edward Hawking was born in Oxford on January 8, 1942. His father, a biologist, moved with his wife from London to escape German raids during World War II.

Hawking is one of the most prominent theoretical physicists and cosmologists in the world, having studied at Oxford University and obtained a first honors degree in physics.

Then he completed his studies at the University of Cambridge to obtain a doctorate in cosmology, and he has theoretical research in cosmology and research in the relationship between black holes and thermodynamics, and he also has research and studies in the science of chronology.

Hawking was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (motor neuron), but despite his disability, he became one of the most famous scientists of his time and was widely respected at the professional and human levels.

More than 50 years ago, the medical team following Hawking's condition predicted his death from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but his courage, perseverance, and scientific brilliance, in addition to his sense of humor, were among the most important secrets that helped him to follow his life. With his illness, she was a source of inspiration to people all over the world.

While preparing for his doctoral thesis in cosmology in 1964, his face began to show symptoms of motor neuron disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), with difficulty moving in his often fast and lively gait, and stammering words coming out of his mouth instead of His elegant ornate phrases.

The disease, which turned Hawking into an immobile person, did not prevent him from continuing his scientific journey; Where he succeeded in his hard struggle with the disease and control it, ignoring the predictions of doctors that he 'will not live two or three years at most; The disease progression was slower than expected by the therapists.

People's Ambassador for Science

Hawking had a great sense of humor and was known as a popular ambassador for science, as he was eager to get the average person to reach the results of his research.

Hawking completed his doctoral thesis, entitled "Properties of the Expanding Universe", before he turned 24, studying the effects and consequences of the expansion of the universe, a thesis that helped launch his career and formed the cornerstone of his reputation as one of the world's most famous scientists.

Hawking went in his thesis that the Big Bang theory is possible and that it is no longer just mathematical equations that were deduced from equations developed by physicists to describe the possibilities of the formation of the universe. And it is still in a state of continuous expansion.

Hawking's doctoral thesis was not the only source of his scientific wealth. In 1971, he issued his theory that proves - mathematically, through Einstein's general theory of relativity - that black holes or stars collapsing due to gravity is a singular state in the universe, 'that is, it is an event that has a starting point in time.

And in 1974, he theoretically proved that black holes emit radiation, contrary to all the theories put forward at the time, and this radiation was named after his 'Hawking radiation. The Big Bang is about the origin of the universe, in addition to its incompatibility with the fact that the universe is a regular and closed system.

In 1988, he published his book "A Brief History of Time", a book in which he presented the circumstances of the emergence of the universe, beginning with the various theories and ideas that explain the emergence of the universe and describing its first moments, and ending with the flow of time. From the reader's ability to assimilate and understand the various explanations proposed in the book.

In 2001, he released his book “The Universe in a Nutshell”, in which he presented the universe as starting in the form of an oblate sphere in parts, resembling a walnut shell in size and shape, supported by illustrations that reveal the basic principles that govern the universe and the fundamental forces in it. , meaning the electromagnetic and nuclear forces, indicating that scientific facts often seem more strange and interesting than science fiction novels.

And in 2010, the world was on a date with his book “The Grand Design”, which he wrote in collaboration with Leonardo Mlodino, a book that sparked a great controversy regarding his vision of the origin of the universe, and then his theory about black holes, in which he went that these holes had been Lead to other universes.

And it is not "black", as it is described, or an "eternal prison" as was thought, explaining that "information lost in black holes can be transformed into a form of a hologram, or emerge into another alternate universe.

Hawking has also participated in a number of television programs and lent his voice to several documentaries.

Hawking's journey was only part of the endless attempts to "travel into space", attempts that may have reflected - albeit in a small way - the hope of liberation from that chair that remained captive to its moving wheels for more than four-fifths of its life.

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